Rich Dubulis, Operations Manager, Mount Sterling, KY

Rich Dubulis, Operations Manager, Mt Sterling, KY

Says ‘yes’ to opportunity. Learns from those who came before him. Grows personally to support the growth of the Company.

When opportunity knocks, Rich Dubulis answers.

The first knock came in August 1989, when Rich accepted a Crane Operator position at Olympic Steel’s Cleveland division. Rich progressed quickly from Crane Operator to Inspector to Assistant Foreman. In 2010, continuing his path to operations, Rich was offered a promotion to General Foreman and a move to the Dover, OH facility. Later that year, he relocated to the new Mount Sterling, KY division, and in 2015, he was promoted to Plant Manager, then Operations Manager in 2017.

Rich knows what it takes to turn a job into a career, and he’s proud of what he’s accomplished through hard work and determination. His proudest moments with Olympic Steel include, literally, the opening of two doors –  the Dover, OH and Mount Sterling, KY divisions. He’s honored to have been trusted with the important responsibility of supporting the opening of two Olympic Steel facilities and the growth of the Company.

It’s his humble attitude and strength of character that allow Rich to continue to learn, grow and achieve. Throughout his career at Olympic Steel, he credits the knowledge and perspectives shared by his predecessors for shaping him into the employee, person and leader he is today. “I’ve learned so much from each of them and attribute that to a lot of my successes and advancement,” says Rich.

Rich’s varied work experience and his willingness to accept challenges has created opportunities for growth and success. When asked for his advice on how others can be successful and build a great career at Olympic Steel, Rich insists you should work hard, be determined and answer the door when opportunity knocks.

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