The WRIGHT Product at the Right Time

McCullough Industries launches their first new product since 2019.

When it comes to selling, timing is everything.

Last year, Global Industrial, McCullough Industries’ largest customer, approached the team about the possibility of developing a line of bump release hoppers. This type of hopper is a relatively new product for the industry. It has a bump pad welded to the front of the hopper that allows it to dump on contact with the roll-off container and then return to its upright position, making material handling more efficient.

Early in 2020, Joe Casey’s team at McCullough, led by Operations Manager, Bob Osbun, designed their own bump release product and sent the prototype to Olympic Steel’s Cleveland and Streetsboro facilities for testing.

This is the first new product launch since acquiring McCullough Industries in 2019, and the first metal-intensive branded product developed at Olympic Steel. All parties involved were excited to get moving with the launch.

COVID restrictions temporarily halted our momentum, but in late spring when the timing was right, the first three SKUs were launched exclusively through Global Industrial. By mid-July, three additional SKUs were added and the original SKUs were made available to all McCullough customers. The day following the latest SKU launch, McCullough received their first purchase order. What an accomplishment!

Congratulations to the McCullough team for continuing to move this product forward – in this case, it was absolutely the WrightTM product at the right time.

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